8 Daily Rituals That Are Harmful For Women In The Long Run.

Daily Rituals

Women have a daily routine of grooming and cleaning up, and most of them swear by it. These daily rituals, from brushing, shampooing, exfoliating, to wearing a sunscreen come naturally to them. And why not, they have been doing it since their adolescence. Habits that were formed years ago, and habits that are considered sacrosanct. Some of these daily rituals that we have been following unknowingly can cause us harm in the long term. There are some inherent medical dangers to some extremely common daily rituals that women practice. 1.…

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Aamir Khan Asked Virat Which Bowler Makes Him Nervous. Virat Finally Named Him

Aamir Khan

Virat Kohli is always frank with each and everything he says. Be it talking about victory or be it talking about defeats, he’s always open & gives honest opinions. Not only that, he has also given credit to those who deserve it and has never hesitated in pointing out mistakes someone doesn’t perform well. As a batsman, he has to be very careful in dealing with the bowler. Every bowler has a unique style of bowling and so, studying him is very essential, especially in crucial games. No doubt, every…

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केआरके का तंज, कहा- 4 साल था करीना के साथ अफेयर, शेयर की तस्वीर!

Kangna Ranaut

नई दिल्ली: अक्सर अपने ट्वीट्स के कारण विवादों में रहने वाले कमाल आर खान ने एक बार फिर से विवादित ट्वीट किया है. अपने इस ट्वीट में उन्होंने कहा है कि वह 4 साल तक करीना कपूर के साथ रिलेशन में रह चुके हैं. इतना ही नहीं उन्होंने करीना के साथ अपनी एक तस्वीर भी शेयर की और लिखा है कि अपने रिश्ते को साबित करने के लिए उनके पास यही एक तस्वीर है. बता दें, केआरके ने इस ट्वीट को कंगना रनौत और उनकी बहन रंगोली चंदेला पर तंज कसते हुए किया है. अगर…

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8 Sleeping Positions And Their Effects On Health.

sleeping positions

Have you ever considered the importance of your sleeping posture? You may or may not have a preference, but your sleeping position can directly affect your health. While the best sleeping posture is generally considered to be sleeping on your back with your arms by your sides, here are eight common sleeping positions and their effects to help you discover how the way you sleep affects your well-being. Learn what these 8 sleeping positions mean: 1. On Your Back, With The Arms Up This position is often called “starfish position”,…

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Doctor and Engineer who is very smart ?

Doctor v/sEngineer

Once a DOCTOR and an ENGINEER entered a chocolate store… As they were busy looking around, Engineer stole 3 chocolate bars… As they left the store, Engineer said to Doctor : “Man! I’m the best thief ever, I stole 3 chocolates and no one saw me. You can’t beat that” Doctor replied: “You wanna see something better? Let’s go back to the shop and I’ll show you real stealing” So they went to the counter and Doctor said to the Shop boy: “Do you wanna see magic..?” The Shop boy…

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