10 Yr Old Boy Unlocks Mom’s IPhone X With FaceID. Is This Feature Secure?

IPhone X With FaceID

With every device Apple launches, security becomes tighter. If you have got your hands on the latest iPhone X, you might know how tough it is to handle the FaceID feature. It is actually a great savior against hacks, as it demands users to use their face to unlock the device rather than passwords or thumbprints. Couple of days back, there were reports about how a research team spent $150 to build custom masks and hack the FaceID. But do you know that it’s now possible to do it absolutely…

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You Will Quit Your Job After Knowing Salary Of Mukesh Ambani’s Driver

mukesh ambani driver salary

Mukesh Ambani’s empire: Mukesh Dhirubhai Ambani, the chairman of Reliance Industries Ltd., is one of the richest and most famous persons of the world. What’s more, he is constantly in news for one thing or the other. His house Antilia is listed among the most luxurious and expensive houses and it has all the facilities needed to live a king’s life. Not only this, Mukesh Ambani owns nearly 500 cars along with a helicopter. Jio launch: He revolutionised the telecom industry when he launched Reliance Jio, which provided not only…

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Here Is A List Of 15 Richest Engineers On The Planet. Their Wealth Will Give You Earning Goals Right Now

15 Richest Engineers

Engineers are naturally talented. Their biggest quality is that skills are not limited to few subjects only. More than college, they learn things naturally and don’t hesitate in taking up a profession that is totally out of their zone. This is perhaps one of the biggest reason that all engineering students may not turn out to be engineers but they are surely among the richest people in the world. Today we will list down the richest engineers in the world. 15. Leonid Mikhelson A graduate in Industrial Civil Engineering, Mikhelson…

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DU Law Student Created Fake Govt. Website. Cheated 4,000 Job Seekers Of Rs 20 Lakhs In 2 Days

Fake Govt. Website

Scams are everywhere; we have heard of how people dupe online e-commerce companies by ordering phones and then, returning empty boxes and getting back the money. We have also see how people post fake ads on OLX and try to shell out money. However, today’s case is a bit different as the attempt has been made by an intelligent law student from Delhi University. Technology is so advanced, that nowadays, it has become easier to fake things, prepare clone websites and do everything possible so as to earn easy money.…

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