James Cameron Explains Why Rose Didn’t Share The Door With Jack And Settles Debate Over ‘Titanic’ Ending

Twenty years have passed since the making of ‘Titanic’ but it seems like people are still not over yet with the film’s controversy surrounding Jack’s death at the end of the film. Still, people continue to question why Rose wouldn’t make room for Jack on the floating door so that he, too, could have survived. While the film director, James Cameron, has maintained silence over the controversy for a very long time, Kate Winslet, the lead actress in the film, has spoken out about the issue in the past. She…

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Zomato’s Creativity Level & Advertising Ways Are Truly Epic. Twitter Is Impressed


Zomato is very popular among those people who love to eat out as it helps them in finding some really good places to eat. The restaurant-finder service not only helps us to find the best place as per our requirement but also tells us about the available dishes with the price. Like every other business, Zomato also needs to promote, market and advertise its services so that its customer base increases. Zomato has a class when it comes to advertising. It doesn’t advertise in a simple manner but instead engages…

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The leadership challenges – Women at work

leadership challenges

“This is a man’s world This is a man’s world But it wouldn’t be anything Nothing without a woman or a girl” – James Brown Honestly, I am tired of unequal woman rights and feminism and the way women are treated at work. It’s the world where one of the worst things that one tells a “male” is not to act like a “woman”. I am proud of being a leader and I know how hard it is being a female working in a male dominant society. Female discrimination is not…

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Are You Micromanaging? – It’s Not Bad, Sometimes It’s Good!


”Micromanaged!” A dreadful word ever heard ” Popular management books and mentors constantly ask to “Stop Micromanaging”. Books such as Micromanagement Survival Guide by Harry E. Chambers and many more, keep on speaking and share jaw-dropping incidents, to help you survive micromanagement after effects. But you just cannot help. And you land up micromanaging at various stances. Even this popular write up at Inc Magazine busts the micromanaging myths, tagging them as productivity killers. Let me help you visualize a lil’. You’re just 30 years and running a startup. So there’s every reason to…

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How to inspire your team to ask the right questions?


Life is full of questions. Questions, for some of which we are able to find answers, and for some we are simply unable to. You want to know when is the next flight to Paris. But you are asking at airport’s help desk about all the flights going to France. In such a case, you cannot expect to get the correct answer. Can you? Maybe this is the reason in life sometimes we are unable to find answers as we are asking the wrong questions. ”Simplify the way you manage…

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