How Long Can a Person Survive Without Water?

save water

Imagine that the taps switched off tomorrow, the rivers and streams ran dry, and the oceans turned into dry valleys. How would you react? And more importantly, how long would you survive? There’s no reliable predictor of how fast dehydration would kill a person. Many survival blogs suggest that an average person can survive for somewhere from two days to a week without liquids, but that’s a rough estimate at best. A person’s health, the weather and the individual’s physical activity levels all help determine how long a person will last without…

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Death is not the final stop of human life!!!

Is death the last stop of human life? Is there life after death? There have been instances when people have left their physical body but their soul travelled. Some souls are said to have travelled some third world while some remained at the place of physical body. Here is an incident that will raise every hair on your body either out of surprise or out of horror. In the year 2011 in England, a person by the name Mr. A (since his name is not revealed) became unconscious while he…

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Personality Test: What Do You See First and What It Says About You

Personality Test

You will be presented with 7 images.Look at each image quickly and stick with whatever you see first.You might see other objects after observing keenly, but don’t change your first answer. At the end of every image,you will be presented 3 options.Each of these will have a corresponding score.Choose your answer plus the score,then add up the scores after every image.Your personality result will be dependent on your final score. This personality test is not scientific,but you merely for fun.Let’s Begin What did you see first? Face-1 Apples-2 Person sitting-3…

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World’s top 10 3D art

World's top 10 3D art

Art is something that we all admire. There are various type of art but only some we can understand. Among all, 3D art is something which are becoming very popular. It attractive lots of people. The reason behind it’s popularity is maybe it can connect with anyone. There is no special requirement of knowledge to know this type of arts. And if need lots of practice and skill to make it. Human tendency is that if your eyes likes anything your mind likes it automatically.  This things play a major role in…

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What does your face shape say about your personality,Take this personality test

Even though your personality depends on many factors.Psychologist feel that by observing the shape of a person’s face It is possible to obtain relevant information about their personality,there health and their Intelligence . 1.Oval face Oval faces have a high forehead and a jaw that is a little narrower than the cheeks.As one of the most common shapes,this shape is well balanced,has large features and is easy to analyze. According to a personality test,individuals with this type of face tend to be very correct and proper in their behavior.They weigh…

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