How Facebook Decides an Employee’s Salary


• At Facebook, starting salaries for new hires and raises for employees are determined by a set formula.There’s not too much room for negotiation. • The reason, Janelle Gale, VP of HR at Facebook, told Business Insider, is because determining compensation based on employer-candidate negotiations simply rewards good negotiators. •At Facebook, you’re not necessarily getting hired for your good negotiation tactics. At Facebook, salary largely isn’t up for negotiation. “Compensation fairness  is a very, very important thing for us,” Facebook VP of HR Janelle Gale told Business Insider. “We spend a lot of time…

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The 1 Reason Why Most People Never Become Ultra-Successful (And How to Avoid It)

Why Most People Never Become Successful

This little-known habit separates successful people from the rest, according to science. When it comes to goal-achievement and success, most people tend to focus on the next station in life. While I’m a huge proponent of goal-setting and a forward-facing outlook, this perspective tends to get warped; leading to an unhappy disposition, a negative attitude, and less confidence. On their quest for success, most people tend to become immediately unhappy with their current situation, and they tend to focus on their failures, rather than being positive and confident. Ultra-successful people, on…

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