Why The Shape Of Hole In The Middle Of Blade Is Like This ! !

Why The Shape Of Hole In The Middle Of Blade Is Like This

Many self proclaimed manly protagonists claims that it is the beard that defines a man. But what I believe is that its his nature towards people that really defines him. His nature to women, elderly people and children. Having a beard doesn’t really makes you a man. The growth of facial hair depends from person to person. Some people can develop it at an early age like 16-17 while some people still wait for it. Some people like beard, while some just can’t stand it. Earlier cavemen used sharp stones…

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Salute this Forest Officer who built 497 Toilets in Kerala’s Tribal Colonies- let’s appreciate her

P.G Sudha, beat forest officer

There is nothing in this world that can stop women from doing many many good things in life. They are bound to achieve at a very young age and also they are destined to get better and brighter when they become old. Would you possibly believe that a woman brought a drastic change to the state at the age of 50? She proved that age is just a number in today’s world. To achieve phenomenal things in life, a strong vision with intensity, tenacity and will power is just enough to…

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