6 Things hiring managers should IMMEDIATELY stop doing:

1. STOP grilling your candidate during an interview if they didn’t answer your question correctly, nobody’s perfect and no one can score 100/100

2. STOP bringing external candidates and ask them to prepare presentations so you can extract new ideas from them and then you just simply reject them, that is not ETHICAL

3. STOP inviting external candidates if you are going to recruit someone you know already, really nowadays nobody appreciates the time people invest when coming for an interview.

4. STOP looking to recruit a certain nationality, diversity is important absolutely, but you should hire for skills & passion, hire people that will bring something new to your team, a nationality won’t do that

5. STOP rejecting excellent candidates after a face to face interview by saying they are overqualified, don’t decide that on behalf of the candidate

6. STOP beauty Bias Bonus: And last, STOP asking old school silly questions such as where do you see yourself in 5 years (do you know that this question is one of the most searched questions online prior an interview?) Right?

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