7 Things you can tell about others and yourself by knowing the Blood Group!

Although it is something that everyone should know, there are very few people who know their blood group . However, when people are aware of the importance of knowing their blood group in life they worry more about it.

The blood groups can be A, B, AB and 0. All can vary according to their RH factor that can have positive or negative sign. We are born with a blood type and it does not change at any time of our life . But what you probably do not know is that there are many aspects of our life that are influenced by our blood group.

So let’s see the 7 Aspects of your life affected by our blood group

1 – PersonalityPersonality

Those who belong to group A are usually kind and compassionate people. Those in group B are usually outgoing and friendly. Those of group AB are rational and strong and those of group 0 are concerned and are very practical and organized.

2 – StressStress

People in group A produce more cortisol so they increase their stress levels. Those in group 0 are usually more susceptible to getting angry.

3 – CoupleCouple

The blood group has a positive or negative sign. When each member of the couple has a different sign, they expose their future baby to a quite something risk . Although it is not normal, it could be fatal.

4 – LunchLunch

According to experts, each blood group has different nutritional needs .

People in group 0 usually have digestion and stomach problems. Those of group A have a sensitive immune system. Those in group B have a higher level of cortisol and those in group AB do not usually produce much gastric juice. Therefore it affects the food, since they must consume food that solves the problem of each one.

5 – FertilityFertility

It has been shown that women in group 0 tend to be less fertile because they contain fewer eggs.

6 – Belly fatBelly fat

Group A causes the body to react badly to some foods and make it difficult to lose localized fat.

7 – It can save your lifesave your life

Knowing your blood group can save your life because when you need a blood transfusion for some type of illness or accident, immediately doctors can not determine at the time what blood you need.

Did you know that our blood group affected in all those aspects of our life?

Always know and remember your’s and your family member’s Blood group. It will help at the time of need!

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