8 Photos That Perfectly Sum Up How Much Our World Has Changed

electronic media

Hello my dear brothers and sisters, a very good afternoon to all of you. I welcome you all happily to my entertaining  media TAJA KHABREIN channel. Here i have bought some pictures that are so true about our world. Do you know, there was a time when only rich people had televisions and others used to go to their home and watch TV together but now, every home has a television. Likewise there are many things here, let us go through.

electronic media

People are addicted to electronic media, and their health is being spoilt day by day, see the difference in both the pictures.


See how much distance is there between the couples now, and see how close they used to be before.

withdraw money

Standing in a que to withdraw money, but now it is very easy to withdraw money. They have provided easy facility.


The time of books and slate, etc will soon be changed. Laptops and touch screens will be provided to school.

social media

People will stop meeting each other, they will start talking to each other in social media only.

electronic games

Just think how your childhood used to be friends, now your children are using electronic games to spend their time.

Technology Technology 

There was a time when you had to book an overseas call with a telephone operator to contact someone. But now, you’re able to live chat with them over a video call without burning a hole in your pocket.

Entertainment Entertainment 

There used to be picnics, house parties and playing in the streets. Now, all that children share and enjoy are video games, mobile phones, and computers.

There are even lot more things which has changed friends, how the world used to be, so fun and everything was so good and now all are inside the prison called electronic media. Share your feelings and thoughts with us in the comment section down below friends. Thank you all so very much for using your valuable time to open our channel and reading our articles and seeing the pictures we post here daily. Take care of yourself.

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