9 Things You Should Know To Get Through Your 20s

In the words of the great Warren Buffet, ‘the greatest investment you can make, is in yourself’. This is exactly what we are meant to do in our lives. In the modern era, your real character building starts once you step into college and then into the professional life. This time period, lasting from the age 20 to 30, shapes you into the person you would become for the rest of your life. You may learn a few things in the years to come too, but it is during your 20s that you hit peak maturity and carry the habits you form for the rest of your life.

In order to make sure you do well in your life throughout, you need to develop a few key habits or make alterations to your existing schedule to guarantee success well into your thirties. Here is a list of 9 things you should focus on during your twenties in hopes for a better, brighter future:

Travel Alone

There is a whole world out there for you to explore, so what’s stopping you? Find the cheapest ways to travel and do it alone Travelling alone will not only be more convenient but it will bring a lot of things into perspective. Take a break from your surroundings and escape into the reality, it will bring you closer to self-realization. And who knows, you may develop a new skill or fall in love with something you did not know existed before.

Eradicate Procrastination From Your Life.

You’re the healthiest and most active during your twenties. Which is why during this period procrastination is your worst enemy. Sitting on your laptop all day, zoning out into your thoughts and not really doing anything productive does more damage than it gives pleasure. So don’t make it a habit or your productivity will be drastically affected in the near future.


Waking up and going for a run before you have your coffee may sound like a drag but it’s quite healthy. It’s a scientific fact that lack of exercise can cause tiredness, laziness, and various illnesses. So in order to pave way for the healthy 30s, run that mile in the morning.

Take Risks

This is the ideal age for experiments. Try everything. Do what you believe in, even if it is difficult or risky. The age between 20-30 is when you’re considered both adult and child at the same time. So take risks like a child and work like an adult, because who knows, you may surprise yourself and find something you’re really good at and can use it to your advantage.

Whatever you do during this time period can easily be considered a trial for everything. So naturally, mistakes are bound to happen. Keeping that in mind, don’t lose hope when you fail at something. Because you might have lost at one job, but if you give up, you may lose a thousand other opportunities. So keep exploring and discover new passions and with time, you will find success.

Manage Your Time Well

Time has the capability to be your best friend and your worst enemy. If not managed properly it can cause endless stress, pain, and difficulties in the future. So from an early age, learn to manage it well. Be punctual and disciplined. Let go of unproductive activities and try to keep away from distractions. Utilize your time by doing something productive, like learning a new skill.

Read Anything and Everything

Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body. —Richard Steele

Reading is an important part of the day to day character development. It can be anything, from newspaper to magazines or a book. Each and every time you read something, you learn something new, something that stays with you forever; so keep on learning

Take Your Time With Loved Ones

Once you turn twenty you may feel like getting into a serious relationship is mandatory or the thought of settling down is a constant reminder in your head. Do not rush into it.

During this time feel free to experiment and try new things. Step out of your comfort zone without feeling like you’re obligated to jump into something serious. See new people, and remember that interaction is more important than overcommitment.

Stop Relaxing So Much

There is a whole lifetime for you, especially the old age, to relax. Do not form the habit of relaxing all the time. When your body is performing at its peak, use it to your advantage. Avoid sitting at home all the time and watching TV shows, you will have plenty of time to do that later in life. Instead, do something daring, something productive because who knows, you may find something out there in the world which you didn’t even know was meant for you.

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