Audio Clip Of Tech Mahindra Employee Goes Viral! HR Tells Him “Quit Or You’re Fired”!

IT industry is witnessing a downward trend these days; companies are opting for “Mass Layoffs” in order to save costs and survive this crash. It is said that if this scenario continues, around 2 lakh people might lose their jobs. There’s stress all around as employees aren’t being able to cope up with these short-notice firings.

Amidst this worst scenario, an audio clip of a Bengaluru based Tech Mahindra employee with his HR has gone viral. Well, the HR manager asks the employee to quit and put in the exit papers by next day 10 am. The HR further says that it is a part of “Cost optimization” and that he has no other option but to complete the exit formalities.

When the employee asks an explanation for the same, the HR says “Either put down the papers by tomorrow 10 am or we will send you the termination letter”. She repeatedly talks about “Cost optimization” and keeps telling him that if he doesn’t opt for a normal exit, it would be considered as a termination. Further, she says that, in case of termination, he wouldn’t get any benefits including basic salary or experience letter.

When the employee asked her to do something about it, the HR says that the offer letter already had a clause “The company reserves all rights to ask the employees to leave any moment, with the basic salary.”

This is very unfair and unfortunate; in order to let others know about how these secret lay-offs are happening, the employee uploaded the recording of this conversation on Sound Cloud.

Listen to the recording here;


This was shocking! Don’t you feel that the company should have given him sufficient time to arrange some other option?

As of now, the authenticity of this clip isn’t verified, but if it is true, we pity the employee. He literally got no time for discussions. Tech Mahindra is a big name in the IT sector and if they fire the employees this way, then the future looks dark.

This was seriously heights of employee exploitation!

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  1. Ashish

    Similar unethical practice followed by PwC, one of the worst employers and companies in India – such Big 4 Consulting organizations should be banned

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