How Social Media Changes Your Attention and Perception of Time

How much time do you spend browsing “status updates” or friends’ pictures on Facebook? According to a new study, it is likely more than you think Researchers have found that browsing the Internet or Facebook may distort our perception of time, with the latter having the biggest impact. Study authors Lazaros Gonidis and Dr. Dinkar Sharma, of the Centre for Cognitive Neuroscience and Cognitive Systems at the University of Kent in the United Kingdom, recently reported their findings in the Journal of Applied Social Psychology. Thanks to smartphones and tablets, access…

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My Mom and I Used Apple’s Screen Time to Limit Our iPhone Use. Here’s What Happened.


“This is my daughter Julia, she’s madly in love with her phone.” This is how my parents have introduced me ever since Christmas of 2014, when I first made my acquaintance with the iPhone 5C — and it’s really getting old [Lynn says: I’ve only introduced her like this once, to the editor of this article to convince her we were the right people to write it. Clearly it worked, but I won’t ever introduce her this way again.] When my mom approached me with the idea for this article,…

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10 Jobs That Are a Bad Influence on Our Personality and How We Can Avoid Them

Bad Influence

According to sociological research, a person spends more than a third of their life working 40 hours a week. Of course, things that we do for such long periods influence us and our psychological features over time. Besides the positive aspects of our job, there’s also a negative side: a so-called professional personality deformation like when a businessman keeps checking his email on vacation or when a military serviceman continues commanding at home. TAJA KHABREIN describes how different jobs change our personality and gathers advice on how we can learn to switch from one activity to another, so we don’t become a prisoner of our work. Military servicemen A military serviceman’s job affects them as a person and even affects…

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Boyfriend commits suicide after girlfriend gets gang-raped in front of his eyes

A 19-year-old teenager is said to have “committed suicide” after when his girlfriend was ‘gang-raped’ in front of him at Chhattisgarh’s Korba district as reported by the Hindustan Times reported on Friday. Cops became aware of the ‘September 1 rape’ after the sufferer, a minor, filed a complaint on Wednesday. The police force claimed to have caught two suspects a day later on Thursday. According to the police, the girl and the boy were coming back together from a bazaar and fell into the trap of two people wherein they…

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After losing his job in the recession, he started a vada pav business, earns 4.4 crores

After losing his job

When the recession struck the UK in 2009, people were forced to quit their jobs and Sujay Sohani was one among them who faced this terrible experience. Due to these circumstances that put him in the back foot, he didn’t go into a shell, usually cursing his fate because he has always thought there is life even after disappointments. He didn’t lose hope. He met his friend Subodh Joshi. Both of them made up their minds and decided to start the new phase of life by selling their hometown Mumbai’s popular delicacy, “vada…

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