8 Tips For Financing Your Startup………….

Startups require a lot of funding. Whether it’s on a small scale or large, you need enough money to invest in product development, acquiring inventory or paying your employees. Before you venture into a business, you need to carry out a proper research to investigate the economic market of the industry you’re about to step in. This gives you an accurate image of the financing difficulties you’ll be facing in the early stages. Given the current economic conditions, securing funds is becoming even harder than before. To close on every…

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From a Lower Middle-Class Family to Being Google’s Ceo, Sundar Pichai’s Story is The ‘American Dream’ Come True

Most Powerful men on the planet

Indians have always loved to chase the America Dream- a life of personal happiness and material comfort as traditionally sought by individuals in the USA. A simpler and rather newer definition of the same is Sundar Pichai, the first India-born CEO of Google. Ever since the news broke about Pichai’s rise to the throne, Indians have gone berserk. But very little has been spoken about the hard work and tough times Pichai went through. Here’s how he became an example of the great American Dream Indians love to chase. Before…

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10 Bedtime Habits of The Most Successful People


Here are 10 things that successful people do before heading to the sack: 1. THEY READ One thing behavioral experts have discovered is that reading is the very last thing a number of successful people do before going to sleep. From business magnates like Bill Gates; to national leaders like Barack Obama, to fashion designers such as Vera Wang – reading is considered a non-negotiable activity for many successful individuals. 2. THEY HAVE AN “UNWINDING” RITUAL One thing most successful people don’t do before bed is work. Of course, some…

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The Time of Your Birth Says a Lot About Your Personality!

birth time

So, at what time were you born? You must be wondering why I asked. I mean all of us just consider the birth time to be something which is just printed on the birth certificate. But did you know that the time of your birth can say a lot about your personality? Keep reading on to find out. Here is what the time of your birth says about your personality! 1. IF YOU’RE BORN BETWEEN 6:00 AM AND 8:00 AM. You have certain mysterious events taking place in your lives.…

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Audio Clip Of Tech Mahindra Employee Goes Viral! HR Tells Him “Quit Or You’re Fired”!

IT industry is witnessing a downward trend these days; companies are opting for “Mass Layoffs” in order to save costs and survive this crash. It is said that if this scenario continues, around 2 lakh people might lose their jobs. There’s stress all around as employees aren’t being able to cope up with these short-notice firings. Amidst this worst scenario, an audio clip of a Bengaluru based Tech Mahindra employee with his HR has gone viral. Well, the HR manager asks the employee to quit and put in the exit…

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