Because Engineer isn’t a profile, it’s a lifestyle.

Because Engineer isn't a profile, it's a lifestyle.

1.5 million engineers pass out every year, how many do you think actually engineer something.

I am an engineering undergraduate myself and when I see other people, professionals, who have been working in their field, I see people who are earning because of their knowledge, and that’s it. That’s all most of the people do with what they learn. Earn their living.

Of all the things they have learnt so far, they only put 10%-15% to use and leave the rest for when they have to teach their kids.

Our education system wasn’t designed this way. It introduced us with the thought process of great inventors and researchers so that when the time comes, we make an effective approach towards the problem. It taught us several universal laws and all kinds of different theories and practical applications so that we connect them together and find solution ourselves. Considering our knowledge and today’s means, we are far more capable than what we think we are.

  • If you are a coder, when was the last time you coded for yourself, not to make money but for fun, or to make a game, or just to test a theory of yours.
  • If you are an electronics engineer, is your house a smart house equipped with all sorts of home engineered smart automation devices?
  • Automobile Engineers, have you designed something new by yourself?

Or did your enthusiasm lasted only till your college life and all you do now is earn?

Creativity comes when you work on it and with creativity comes invention and solutions, both directing the society towards a better future.

Don’t limit yourselves with agendas of the company you work in. You were not educated to serve, it was to enable you, to deal with the world. Rather than waiting for some technology to be introduced by some company so that you can buy and use it, make it yourself or make a group of friends from different backgrounds, who can all work together on stuff like this.

There are people who created extraordinary things out of their hobby:

1) Flying Suit

Well not him, he was an inspiration for the guy below.

Richard Browning, who started off at his backyard is now being called real life IRON MAN.(click picture for knowing him and his work more)

2) Electric Unicycle Scooter

Daughter asked her father one day whether he can make this single wheeled scooter from a video game or not.

He was seen riding this some time later on streets of Portland.(click picture for knowing him and his work more)

3) Awesome bike

No one is asking you to work yourself out for some specific reason. You might as well create some useless cool looking stuff for yourself, who’s judging? Just don’t take engineering as a profession. Live it, explore it.

Use what you know and learn what you can.

Non engineer enthusiasts (cool people), no one’s stopping you either. Go build. Stay cool. Peace.


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