Bloody Mary – Don’t say her name three times


Hello friends, today our topic is going to be very special for those people who believe in the mystery and the ghost souls. Before we start our today’s topic, we want to give a warning to our audience that the story told in today’s topic have been obtained by doing research by internet and news articles. Our motive is not to promote any kind of superstition. Think of a few things mentioned in this topic before taking it on your own. The purpose of this legal warning was to alert you, because today’s our topic is based on a very mysterious event. Today we are going to talk about Bloody Mary, some of the extremely chaotic secrets associated with her and some unlucky people who have become victims of Bloody Mary’s game. So let’s know what are the secrets that make Bloody Mary so bizarre and mysterious.


In 1600, a woman lived in a small village in England, whose name was Mary Worth, she was very ugly in appearance, despite being only 18 years of age, she looked like a 70-year-old woman, humpback body, wrinkles on her face, scattered hair and very scary eyes, anyone could be scared by looking at her. This was the reason why no one in the village spoke to Mary. All people were afraid of seeing her appearance, she was always sad about this. She lived in a small wooden hut on the outskirts of the village. Mary knew that she was very ugly and that’s why she had hates the mirror. Many people of the village also believed that Mary Worth was a sorceress, because of her behaviour and the skeletons of animals found around her house were pointing towards it. Suddenly something very strange happened in that village, due to which all the people in the village were shocked & disturbed and many small children had disappeared one by one and their disappearance became a mystery for the villagers. All the missing children were 10 to 14 years old girls. On one hand, the little girls were disappearing from the village, on the other side Mary Worth becoming beautiful day by day. Whoever saw her was not believing that the woman who looked extremely ugly till yesterday was now transformed into a beautiful charming girl. Mary was very happy with her new look, and she would spend half of her time sitting in front of the mirror to see her beauty.bloody-mary

You will be shocked to know that Mary Worth was behind all the girls who had disappeared from the village. She used to lure the girls of 10 to 14 years old and took them to her hut and she was sacrificed(bali chadhana) by doing black magic on these little girls with the goal of becoming beautiful. One night she was caught in the act by the villagers while sacrificing a girl. Mary got exposed and all the people had come to know that she was a witch and to prove her selfishness, she had killed many children. After all these, angry villagers decided to give Mary a capital punishments for her mischievousness and make a big parallel stand near Mary’s house, at 11 o’clock at night, with the motive to burn her alive was handed over to fire.bloody-mary

Mary’s death took 13 minutes, that was exactly 11:13 PM. When Mary was being taken to burn alive, she was praying only from all the villagers that only once she has allowed to see her beautiful face in the mirror but the villagers did not listen to her. Mary, by seeing the end of her life, she cursed the villagers and said that the people who away me from my beloved mirror, she will definitely come for a revenge.

Even after her death, her curse did not leave the English people pursue. After a few days of her death, a beautiful woman came to some children playing in the village and she told the children that will you play a game with me and that lady give a mirror in the hands of that child and said that to say 3 times Bloody Mary by seeing in the mirror and the child did the same thing and suddenly that child began to look like a old person, and in the evening the child died. This concept has since become universal throughout England because something mysterious and bad will happened to those people who play Bloody Mary’s game, and this concept remains to this days.

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