Capgemini to hire more IT employees in India

Capgemini hiring

Capgemini has one of the largest headcount India. The company that employs over 1 lakh IT professionals have big plans for the coming year. Capgemini’s COO said that India is the company’s powerhouse.

The French IT services company has over 190,000 employees working in 40 countries. Out of which, nearly 100,000 are in India alone. Capgemini is focusing a lot on opportunities in automation and AI. The company has already initiated re-skilling program for its employees. Among many things planned for 2018, hiring new workforce is among the top priorities for the company.

Thierry Delaporte, COO of Capgemini has revealed company’s plans for 2018 in an interview. He mentions how the company had no operational presence in India till the mid-90s. Capgemini’s India location started with 100 employees in 2000 and has grown over 100x in the last 17 years. The company relies on its Indian workforce for development.

By far 50% of the total Capgemini group resides in India. The company’s top management believes that Capgemini India is a unique concentration of assets, expertise, and talent. The significant team size in India has helped the company generate business in the new areas. Capgemini has done a massive transformation in cold and digital space.

Most of the company’s business comes from North America, Europe, and Asia. Capgemini has been able to position its offerings in the new space to existing clients. The company believes creating value for its clients than just providing services for cheap. Delaporte said that the company looks at its India base as something more than just cheap labor.

Capgemini has been active in acquisitions across the globe. The company recently acquired LiquidHub, which helped it add 1,000 employees in India. The COO clarifies that Capgemini has high expectations and ambitions for India. Referring to India-specific acquisitions, Delaporte said, “We continue to look for acquisitions. It may involve India. Companies which are fully based in India or have an employee base in India can definitely be an option for us.”

The company is already among the leading players when it comes the large workforce. The business growth in Indian market is fairly decent. Considering the digital wave, a lot of domestic companies are approaching Capgemini for the services. In order to cater to the large customer demands, Capgemini plans to recruit a large workforce in India in 2018.

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