Are you smart enough to answer these Google job interview questions?

Google job interview questions

When you’re looking for a job, it’s exciting to be invited for an interview. At the same time, it’s natural to feel nervous. Tech companies are known for asking weird, confusing and, frankly mean questions to job applicants. However, cracking a Google interview is not a cakewalk. Candidates are bombarded with technical questions besides being asked some mind blogging puzzles. However, it is difficult to get hired at Google. The interview process is apparently long and terrifying. According to the Taja Khabrein– an employer rating platform from Times Jobs, shares some of the…

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Future of Artificial Intelligence


Artificial Intelligence is something I would call it as “a machine replacing a man”. The 21st generation is now seeing a tremendous change in the environment. Right from an automated toothbrush detecting the germ presence to a machine that can detect a person’s health needs and provide him timely advice as a part of diagnosis. In no time will we see that the robots will replace the man in every field. As estimated by Deloitte around 39% jobs would be replaced in legal services and around 6% jobs are supposed…

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Are You Micromanaging? – It’s Not Bad, Sometimes It’s Good!


”Micromanaged!” A dreadful word ever heard ” Popular management books and mentors constantly ask to “Stop Micromanaging”. Books such as Micromanagement Survival Guide by Harry E. Chambers and many more, keep on speaking and share jaw-dropping incidents, to help you survive micromanagement after effects. But you just cannot help. And you land up micromanaging at various stances. Even this popular write up at Inc Magazine busts the micromanaging myths, tagging them as productivity killers. Let me help you visualize a lil’. You’re just 30 years and running a startup. So there’s every reason to…

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How to inspire your team to ask the right questions?


Life is full of questions. Questions, for some of which we are able to find answers, and for some we are simply unable to. You want to know when is the next flight to Paris. But you are asking at airport’s help desk about all the flights going to France. In such a case, you cannot expect to get the correct answer. Can you? Maybe this is the reason in life sometimes we are unable to find answers as we are asking the wrong questions. ”Simplify the way you manage…

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What Kind of Mindset Do You Have

growth mind

1. Growth Mindset  1.I can Learn anything I want to. When I’m Frustrated, I presevere I want to challenge myself. When I fail, I learn. Tell me I try hard. If you succeed, I’m inspired. My effort and attitude determine everything. 2. Failure is an opportunity to grow. 3. Make greater effort have greater engagement receive better grades take on more challenges. 2. Fixed Mindset 1. I’m either good at it, or I’m not. When I’m Frustrated, I give up. I don’t like to be challenged. When I fail, I’m…

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