Who Is The Most Stupid Here? Each Of Your Choices Can Reveal A Part Of Your Personality

Who Is The Most Stupid Here

Each of your choices can reveal a part of your personality. Look at the picture and tell us, which of these four is the most stupid? If you chose No. 1, Unfortunately, you are a person who often gives up. You think you cannot influence the situation anyway, so you accept the terms you are given. You never argue and generally prefer to behave quietly and peacefully, because quarrels and scandals make you sad. You are a very kind and honest person. Read More – 8 ways to answer ‘Why…

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Infosys to hire 6,000 engineers annually over next 2 years

Non Executive Chairman of Infosys

Unfazed by the recent upheavals at the board, Infosys BSE -1.25 % will continue to hire about 6,000 engineers annually over next 1-2 years, same as last fiscal, according to a top company official. The country’s second largest software services firm has also ramped up its hiring process in the US and European markets as it looks to tap opportunities and tide over visa- related issues. “…we continue to recruit. This year that just concluded we had a net addition of 6,000 and we expect similar kind of additions over…

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6 reasons why people are unhappy in their jobs

A survey found that tough schedules and stress in the workplace are among the reasons why people are unhappy at work. Do you loathe your job and wish you could walk out and never return? You are not alone. Physical and emotional strain is common among workers, and hazards abound in the workplace, a new study finds. The survey A nationwide survey of just more than 3 000 American adults found many had unstable work schedules, along with unpleasant and potentially dangerous job conditions. The findings stem from a 2015…

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5 Ways Your Resume Can Command a Higher Salary

The Negotiation Process Begins Earlier Than You Think Have you ever felt undervalued or offered a lower salary than you are worth? Were you afraid to ask for a higher salary? If so, you are not alone. Many people avoid salary negotiation out of fear. However, even among those who are willing, it is a common misconception that the process must begin with a job offer. Salary negotiation begins much earlier in the job seeking process. How much earlier? As soon as you submit your resume. While this might be…

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Assessing the value If you feel you are being underpaid you must have enough evidences to prove it to your reporting manager. To substantiate this claim do extensive research to understand the salary benchmarks at your level in your company and at your profile in the domain concerned. Be irreplaceable Work on yourself. This is the most important thing to do if you want a good take home salary. Employees who are indispensable stand a greater chance of having better salary hikes. Build good networks Networking is crucial in today’s…

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