Woman Couldn’t Give Rs 2 Lakh Dowry So Her Husband & In-Laws Sold Her Kidney. RIP Humanity

RIP Humanity

Many times we have come across incidents in which human kidneys are traded in exchange of money despite the fact that such trading is illegal. However, now we have come to know about a case in which a woman’s kidney is being sold without her knowledge by her husband because her family was not able to give dowry. The incident has taken place in West Bengal and the name of the victim is Rita Sarkar (28). Rita claims that her kidney was sold by her husband and in-laws because her…

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Bengal Man Arrested For Allegedly Harassing Sachin Tendulkar’s Daughter On Phone

The man called on the landline, made obscene comments about her and even threatened to kidnap her.

Mumbai: A 32-year-old man from West Bengal has been arrested for allegedly harassing Sachin Tendulkar’s daughter. The man, identified as Debkumar Maity, has called at least 20 times on the ex-cricketer’s landline number since January 2, police said. He made obscene comments about Sara Tendulkar and even threatened to kidnap her, a senior officer added. The former skipper filed a complaint at Bandra police station after which the cyber cell of the Mumbai police traced the number to Mahishadal in East Midnapore district. The West Bengal police were informed and the…

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Indian Passenger Arrested After He Put Hands In The Pants Of Sleeping Woman In Flight

The cases of sexual molestation on flights are increasing day by day and the recent case which took place in Spirit Airlines flight that was flying from Las Vegas to Detroit is not just shameful but horrendous too. On Wednesday, an Indian passenger Prabhu Ramamoorthy got arrested after the plane landed at Detroit Metropolitan Airport on the charges of sexually abusing a 22 years old woman by putting hands in her pants and opening the buttons of her shirt while she was sleeping against the window. As per the reports…

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4-Year Delhi Boy Booked On The Charges Of Raping Classmate, Doctor Confirmed Sexual Assault

Sexual Assault

Delhi police is in a state of confusion because they don’t know how to deal with a rape case as the accused is just a four-and-a-half-year-old boy. The complaint has been lodged by the mother of the victim (same age group). She told that her daughter was physically assaulted by the boy who used his fingers and sharpen pencil in her private parts. All this happened in the classroom as well as washroom. The girl’s mother demanded that the boy should be expelled from the school but the school has…

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Gurgaon Schoolboy Killed By Senior, Not Bus Conductor, Says CBI: 10 Facts

Gurgaon: Seven-year-old Pradyuman Thakur was murdered at the Ryan International School in Gurgaon by a senior student who wanted his exams postponed, CBI sources said today in a stunning twist to the case that jolted the nation and led to a comprehensive review of safety in schools. A Class 11 student was detained last evening for killing Pradyuman, who was found outside a toilet near his classroom with his throat slit on September 8. Here is your 10-point cheatsheet to this big story: The detained student is among five people…

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