This Illustrator Adds Cartoons To People’s Insta Photos, And The Results Are Hilarious


Instagram is stormed with a huge variety of pictures every second. While some maintain an account to store their own memories, others want a strong following. A lot of interesting stuff is shared but every illustrator too is as active as celebrities and other users, and they use their amazing creative abilities to add more spice and fun to the images others upload. Brazilian multimedia artist Lucas Levitan adds cartoons to people’s photos, turning them into hilarious situations and giving them new meaning. Lucas writes on his website, In August 2013, whilst…

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James Cameron Explains Why Rose Didn’t Share The Door With Jack And Settles Debate Over ‘Titanic’ Ending

Twenty years have passed since the making of ‘Titanic’ but it seems like people are still not over yet with the film’s controversy surrounding Jack’s death at the end of the film. Still, people continue to question why Rose wouldn’t make room for Jack on the floating door so that he, too, could have survived. While the film director, James Cameron, has maintained silence over the controversy for a very long time, Kate Winslet, the lead actress in the film, has spoken out about the issue in the past. She…

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Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Infinity War Official Trailer

Avengers 2 official trailer

Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Infinity War Official Trailer The Mind-Blowing Trailer For AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR Has Exploded Online! It’s finally here! Marvel has unleashed the first official trailer for Avengers: Infinity War and it’s probably gonna make your head explode, so I hope you have your affairs in order. This movie looks absolutely amazing and this is only just the first part of a two-part arc that will continue with Avengers 4! This trailer made me so freakin’ happy and ecstatic! I need to see this movie now! And in case…

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Can you count all the Triangles in this picture?


A Quora user by the name Ankit drew this figure and asked a simple question- How Many Triangles Do You See? Ever since it was shared on social media, it rapidly turned into a web sensation and people all over have been left totally confused with respect to what the right answer could be. Well, what can you say, who doesn’t like a tough brain teaser, especially the one where almost everyone is failing? From 4 to 44, people have guessed a bizarre number, but none could guess it right.…

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90% of the Indian society failed to notice what’s wrong with this picture, can you?


More than seeing this ‘poster’ going viral, what irked me more was, the number of likes and supportive comments that it received. Just the morning after I celebrated my 26th birthday, I saw a photograph on my Facebook timeline that said: “ 90% Mamlon mein yahi kaaran hai- Jo Beti Apne Peehar Ke Sampark Mein Zyada Rehti Hai Aur Peehar Ka Moh Rakhti Hai, Vah Apne Sasural Mein Sukhi Nahi Rah Sakti.” English translation: “In 90% of the cases, the problem is- The daughter who continues to stay in touch…

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