What does your face shape say about your personality,Take this personality test

Even though your personality depends on many factors.Psychologist feel that by observing the shape of a person’s face It is possible to obtain relevant information about their personality,there health and their Intelligence . 1.Oval face Oval faces have a high forehead and a jaw that is a little narrower than the cheeks.As one of the most common shapes,this shape is well balanced,has large features and is easy to analyze. According to a personality test,individuals with this type of face tend to be very correct and proper in their behavior.They weigh…

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Why You Should Quit Smoking RIGHT NOW!


Every smoker has once in their smoking life come across this conjuncture that they thought about quit smoking. Some smokers actually quit, some reduced but then got back on it, some quit and then got back on smoking even worse than before! This article is for all the smokers out there. This article will give you actually tested and approved methods on how to quit smoking and the timeline of benefits once you stop smoking, and it starts exactly 20 minutes after you put down your last cigarette! So read…

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Your Dressing Can Play A Very Important Role In Your Success

Do you ever wonder if your dressing can make you successful? The answer is YES, it can. Your dressing affects you psychologically and can influence your body language. If you want your outfit to have a positive impact on your mind and your body, then pull out your formal clothes! Formal attire not only looks sharp and professional but automatically makes you feel strong and influential. On the contrary, if you’re in your pajamas all day, you won’t be able to even crawl out of bed. As comfortable clothing makes…

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What Anger Says About You


You would be surprised if you could ask your anger what it really means. If anger were sitting next to you when you got cut off on the road, what would it say? If anger were on a conference call with you when you tried to cancel your cable service, what would its message be? If anger were online with you as you tried to enter or exit a site that just wouldn’t cooperate, what would it really mean? Anger means: “You feel powerless.” You feel that you have no…

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The World’s Largest Clear Diamond Sold

On February 4th 2016, a 404-carat rough diamond was found by Lucara Diamond Company in the Lulo mine of Angola and was christened 4 de Fevereiro because it shares its birthday with its motherland. After being sold for $160 Million to Nikolas Polka of Nemesis, it now lies as the centerpiece of a necklace designed by their partner in trade, Fawaz Gruosi, Founder of de GRISOGONO. This discovery, of the 27th largest rough diamond in the world, was followed by a process of renovation that turned the rough into a magnificent…

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