Johns Hopkins Researcher Releases Shocking Report On Flu Vaccines

Flu Vaccines

In 2015, a whole new slew of flu vaccines found themselves getting approved by the Federal Drug Administration.  This isn’t an uncommon practice; most flu vaccines pass inspection every year.  It’s well known advice that has been passed down from doctor to patient that the flu vaccine is something that we all should get, but it has been quickly surfacing that what’s in the vaccines–especially those from 2015 and after–might actually be more damaging then simply rolling the dice on getting the flu. The ingredient that is getting the most flack…

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This man proposed a Dutch Pilot on Instagram, Gets Hilarious Reply from her Husband


Ther personal inbox of beautiful girls are filled with some really cheesy messages saying ‘You are beautiful and hot’, ‘Please do frandship with me’ and blah blah blah. And girls pay heed to such messages the way Indians pay attention to KRK. Desi men are shy. They would wait for years to propose to the woman they like. Shahrukh Khan’s film ‘Kuch Kuch Hota Hai’ taught us ‘Pyaar dosti hai’. And therefore, they drop a ‘Frandship’ proposal. However, a man has dared to do what others can’t. He just directly proposed the…

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Smart Husband!

Smart Husband

If you are a man and you are married, you know how important it is for you to be smart with your wife (not trying to hurt any feminist sentiments). But here’s a funny story where this man absolutely nailed the smartness. Take a look and laugh! READ ALSO:A heart touching success Story of a MBA Student READ ALSO:An inspiring story about a jobless man So this husband we mentioned above sent a text to his wife in the night. “Hi I will get late, please try and wash all…

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Laugh or Worry, But A Software Engineer got a FREE Trip by Auto Driver after showing his SALARY SLIP

Software Engineer salary in india

Are you a Software Engineer? Well, If you are, then my sympathies are with you, and if you aren’t, then you must be friends with any software engineer, and you should show some sympathy to them. Dressed in Formal Attires, running to the job, thriving hard to complete 8 hours, being on the bench for a long time, sitting in the office overnight during peak seasons, and waiting for ages to get promoted- This is the life of engineers. Even a cab driver earns more than an engineer. At least,…

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Your personality is associated with the shape of your belly button. Surprised, right? Here’s how. Omphalomancy is the study of navel shapes and is used to predict one’s personality, based on the shape of your navel. While it may sound a bit silly, the fact is that the shape, color, protuberance etc. of the belly button reveals a lot about your health, your body and as a result of this, your personality. Here, we have  different belly buttons and we reveal what they say about you as a person. #1 ROUND A…

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