10 Things I’ve Learnt In 10 Years of My Marriage

Married couple

Marriage is not a joke people! It takes a lot of work and effort to make it work. Even when everything seems lost, you have to pull through because it’s completely worth for the one you love. My husband and I have been through the bad and good times and have embraced both. As we celebrate our 10th anniversary together, we look back at all those times and smile because none of us left each other’s side. In fact, all those times just made our relationship more strong and lively. Here…

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This Woman’s Poem About Divorce Can Actually Help A Relationship (And 1.4 Million People Agree)


So many songs, poems, and artwork have been inspired by love, but yet, we still can’t really define it. We can only feel it. As much as we need love to survive, millions of people sever their ties with love every year. Over half of marriages end in divorce, but maybe they don’t have to. 25-year-old poet Taylor Myers from Dayton, Ohio, decided to voice her opinion about divorce based on her own perspective and experience. Her post clearly resonated with millions of people, because it explained what happens to most relationships…

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