Classy Resume Sample Of Yahoo’s CEO Marissa Mayer Will Give You Ideas For Your Resume

Classy Resume Sample

A resume is a very important document for your job. According to a survey, interviewer looks and notes a resume in just 7 to 10 seconds. A resume is the shortest description of your educational qualifications, hobbies, and achievements.

Resume making is often time-consuming and sometimes very difficult to design. Resumes are generally of one page and gone are the days of just typing out a simple layout like any other document on the word. The Modern Resumes is a colorful, creative and graphical representation of educational qualifications, hobbies, and achievements.

Yahoo’s CEO Marissa Mayer
Yahoo’s CEO Marissa Mayer

If you are applying for a job and confused about how your resume should look like, have a look at the resume of Yahoo’s CEO Marissa Mayer which proves why she is on the level of CEOs.

marissa mayer resume
marissa mayer resume

In the above resume sample from Business Insider, if you observe closely, you will see some important and noteworthy things like she has used her image in professional clothes where earlier people avoided using their pic in the resume. She has mentioned her working roles and status in a descending order. She has not mentioned her ‘CGPA’ and only the name of universities and degree she has that too in a descending order.

She has not only described her professional work but also smartly described who she is as a person of working hours. Below her name, she has described who she is at the core. Below she has not just written her social contact but also used symbols so that it looks good. She has written what is her philosophy of life and what are her core strengths.

She has described her work experience in descending order. She has highlighted the company name and below it, she has mentioned the joining and leaving year along with the location. Below each experience, she has mentioned her core works in the role. She has mentioned top three languages she knows. At the bottom, she has explained what she does throughout the day in terms of a chart which describes her family time too. She has also mentioned the source with which she has designed her resume i.e Enhancv.

These points make her resume a world class and there is no doubt she was hired by the Google at first place and then she became CEO of Yahoo.

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