Death is not the final stop of human life!!!

Is death the last stop of human life? Is there life after death? There have been instances when people have left their physical body but their soul travelled. Some souls are said to have travelled some third world while some remained at the place of physical body.

Here is an incident that will raise every hair on your body either out of surprise or out of horror. In the year 2011 in England, a person by the name Mr. A (since his name is not revealed) became unconscious while he was at work. He was immediately rushed to a government hospital in Southampton.

 While at the hospital he received a severe heart attack because of which the brain could not get the supply of oxygen and he died on the spot. What happened next in the ward is something beyond anybody’s imagination.

 Literally, what happened next was something that Mr. A supposedly knew. He remembers that the staff gave him electric shocks on his chest with the help of automated Defibrillators. He also says that he heard two voices. The first voice said “give shock to Mr. A”, the second voice was of a woman who wanted to take him out by the way of the roof of the ward. Mr. A felt that the woman probably knew him and he thought that he could believe her. She was probably there because of a purpose but Mr. A doesn’t exactly know what that purpose was. The next moment Mr. A found himself lying on the ground and he even saw a nurse and a bald person.

 As per records, apart from the mysterious woman, Mr. A exactly knew who all were there in the ward and what all they did. Mr. A also mentioned all that was done in the ward in those 3 minutes. It all happened because the doctors were successful in bringing him back to life.

 According to researchers, the moment the supply of oxygen ceases to reach the brain because of a severe heart attack that is the time a human being dies immediately. Technically Mr. A had died but what was it that had kept him alive? This is something that is intriguing the scientists too.

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