Do you know what is the difference between Hamburg Burger Emoji?


Emoji Communicating and messaging are closely related to it. Laughter, tears, food, love, everything can be expressed with emoji. Emoji’s appearance changes according to the organization. Such as hamburger emoji Apple, Facebook, Google’s Emoji look different to everyone. Have you noticed that who and where the cheese has been kept?

  1. Apple: Hamburger Emoji is the most lively and completely original apple. The burger on the lettuce, the chest on it.
  2. Google: Google has trolled on Hamburger emoji Twitter The cheeses have been placed below the cloth. Eat burgers ever?
  3. Microsoft: Microsoft is the most lucrative hamburger emoji maker, it’s Microsoft. Mouth cheeses on the patty.
  4. Samsung: This emoji has a cheat on the top of the cheeses. Though cheeses on Lettuce are a little weird.
  5. LG: This emoji is the most simple. The chest was placed at the right place.
  6. HTC: This emoji is a little too heavy. This emoji has been made attractive with two patties. The cheeses are absolutely above.
  7. WhatsApp: Hamburger Emoji is quite lucrative and unique. Here the lettuce is at the bottom right. This emoji has been made very alive with tomato on top of it.
  8. Twitter: Cheetah on Patti, Lettuce, Tomato on it. A lot of similar Apple’s Hamburger emoji made on Twitter.

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