Donald Trump’s ‘Muslim ban’ fallout? Woman abused when she objected to clicking pics – WATCH

Atlanta: This is really shameful!

Atlanta: This is really shameful!

This video has gone greatly popular on web and the disgraceful demonstration is being hammered by various clients.
The video purportedly demonstrates a Muslim-American lady being manhandled and pestered by a man.

The video film was shot by Muslim-American lady Asma Elhuni, who was manhandled and pestered by a man in a café in Atlanta.

The man – Rob Koehler – was taking photos of her without her assent and when she protested it, he began mishandling her.

Here is the VIDEO:-

“Battle back with your cameras y’all. This is Rob from Detroit. He came in and believed it’s alright to take his camera out and take a pic of me. I solicited would you say you are taking s pic from me? He said yes. I said why, he said I need to. So I took out my telephone and began recoding him. spread broadly. Racists feel encouraged now #FightBack (sic),” Asma Elhuni composed on Facebook.

Significant, the occurrence comes days after US President Donald Trump’s ‘Muslim boycott’ arrangement.


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