First Interview Of Shami’s Wife Is Out. Says He Is Threatening Her Now

Mohammed Shami's affairs

Mohammad Shami’s wife gave us a big shock today! She leaked her husband’s chats with other girls, on social media.

We rubbed our eyes as we just couldn’t believe that Shami did such sexting. His chats with other girls were too bold & for a moment, we questioned their genuineness.

Later, even Shami took to Twitter to clear the air; he said that all those things that are being spread against him are fake. Shami’s tweet left us confused because we couldn’t understand whom to believe, him or his wife.

hasin jahan facebook
hasin jahan facebook

Shami’s wife Hasin Jahan made many allegations against her husband. She also said that Shami and his family used to torture her physically and mentally. Moreover, she said that they were trying to kill her since 2 years.

Amidst all these hassles, ABP news took an exclusive interview of Hasin Jahan. In the interview, the reporter asked her as to why she did all these things today. On this, Hasin said that it was Shami’s behavior which forced her to do so.

Hasin made startling revelations; she said that Shami used to book hotels after every series and would also have sex with a Pakistani pros. Moreover, she revealed that she knew about all his affairs soon after they got married, but she wanted to give him a chance to improve.

According to her, Shami is threatening her now since she has spread all his chats online. After marriage, Shami told her that he was already dating another girl for 5 years. So why did he marry her?

Here’s the interview;

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