Here’s Why Airports Don’t Allow Passengers To Carry Water Bottles Beyond Security Check Area

If you have ever traveled by air, you must have wondered why airports don’t permit passengers to carry water bottles beyond security check.

Well, many people might even have an idea about it but there are numerous other persons who have simply no clue with regard to this important thing. In this article, we will discuss about it!

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A probable attack by Al-Qaeda:

As per Quora, the true reason behind this rule is a failed probable attack which was planned to be made by Al-Qaeda, a terrorist organization, on USA.

American security agencies alertness failed the attack:

Al-Qaeda was planning to use liquid hydrogen bombs for the attack; however, American security agencies got to know about it and they raided the place where the bombs were actually being made. It was found that the terrorist organization was using mineral water bottles to pack those liquid hydrogen bombs.

Consequently, an alert was issued all across the globe to ban the passengers from carrying liquids of any type in the flight and it’s applicable till date. Luckily, this attack was failed otherwise the situation would have been worse than 9/11.

Do you know more reasons behind this rule?

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