How to Introduce Yourself at a Job Interview

How to Introduce Yourself at a Job Interview

In my previous article ‘5 most common interview questions’ that by the way went good thanks to all of you; I’ve asked people to comment their questions and one of them have asked me how to introduce myself? A very genuine question and I’ll try to answer the question in a way you would like.

First of all let me tell you, you’re not gonna get exact answer here because, well things vary from people to people and also if you’re going for an interview and you expect me to answer a question for you or you prefer exact answer to mug up then let’s face it, you’re not a cut for the job.

Anyway, what I’m really going to tell you is what to tell and what to ignore. Would it work for you? Before answering the question, “Tell me about yourself?” You should know the intention of the interviewer behind asking this. Why is it that every interviewer asks this question?

  1. Well, they have read your resume and sure don’t want to know your name and father’s name or qualifications, so avoid reading those points. But you can use some really impressive achievements to point out.
  2. Try to avoid, overdoing it, and praising yourself for everything. How to do this? Well, I’ve this trick – Just pick one thing from your resume, you can brag about and tell it.
  3. Don’t forget to smile or grin most likely time to time, body language should not be so fast or slow feel relax, speak softly and slowly.
  4. You can use your name, an achievement and can tell about your background, now what else you can use? Something what’s not in resume.

If you’ve noticed I’ve told you multiple times to look on gestures and you might think how would it help to introduce? Well, dump this all, you can just introduce yourself in anyway as long as it’s presentable. Because it’s what they want, they want to see it’s your confident and presentation so practice answering the question as much as you can until it becomes your second nature and you’re good to go.

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