How To Nail Your Job Interview Like A Pro


How you act in an interview can make as much of a difference as what you say. Are you sure you’re ready to give your interview the way it’s required by an employer?

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1. Research about the position you’re applying for.

Study the job description that you’re applying for thoroughly. Only then you will understand what the company is looking for. If the job description calls for leading a team, prepare your interview accordingly. By knowing this, you can easily give the interview more confidently and discuss examples from previous jobs. Connect your personal/work traits with the traits required by the company.job interview

2. Your CV should be imprinted on your brain.JOB RESUME

As a potential candidate, you should know your CV like the back of your hands. In any job interview, anything on your resume could potentially be questioned by the employees or HR department. It is your responsibility to convince the interviewer that you can come in and do the job they require you to do. Speaking intelligently about each of your previous positions and how they relate to the role you’re interviewing for will give the employer confidence and comfort they have the right person for the job.

3. Be prepared with an “Interview Tool Kit”.TOOL KIT

Being prepared for your interview is the best way to nail it properly. Organizing your tool kit is a great job interview strategy. Not only will you want to have many copies of your CV’s in your kit, but you can also include other items you will need like directions to the office, a copy of the job description, company overview, pen and a notepad. Place the copies of your resume in a neat folder and keep the other items in a small bag.

4. Don’t be late.INTERVIEW

Being late at your interview means you’re lazy and irresponsible. If you aim to be there 30 minutes before, you should have plenty of time. You wouldn’t go to a flight for that amazing holiday with minutes to spare, so why should you missing an interview that could possibly change your life? You need to make extra time for traffic, getting lost, finding a park, finding the building and even more importantly gathering your thoughts to boost your confidence for the interview. It’s suggested you should have at least 10 minutes before walking in to gather your thoughts, read through your CV and summarise your major key strengths that you can be proud of.

5. Research the company you are interviewing with.job interview

One of the smartest ways to nail your job interview is to properly study the company and its current ongoing activities. Knowing what their key clients demand from them will help tailor your answers specific to their business needs. Doing so will also show the interviewer that you have done your homework about them, and also have a genuine interest in the position and the company. You should have minimum 3 great examples you know the company –  who the directors are, company vision, the year it was founded– the information doesn’t have to be complicated – just anything about them would do!

6. Describe your skills by ALWAYS giving examples.JOB INTERVIEW

The interviewer wants to know you are a hardworking individual who can take up any challenge they are offered, but it’s hard for them to believe you unless you prove it in a simple and clear manner. Tell them a story of HOW you were hard working, instead of just saying it. Don’t leave it up to the imagination of the interviewer to make out how you are a genius, let them know by your experiences. Don’t take it for granted – Rather, explain in clear detail and give an awesome example to illustrate it. Two words after every answer, FOR EXAMPLE – I’m extremely efficient, for example, I have not had a sick day in 30 years. Do you get the point?

7. Focus on your key strengths.JOB INTERVIEW

During your preparation work out what you’re most proud of, what you’re best at and what you’re known for doing consistently. You would not believe a number of people that get confused on this question, make sure it’s imprinted on your brain! Same goes for weakness, rather think about this as an area for improvement because everyone has one. Spin the negative into a positive, If you don’t have experience in Microsoft Excel, say you wish to learn it!

8. Be yourself.JOB INTERVIEW

No matter how badly you want the job, if you aren’t a good match, you aren’t a good candidate. Never try to be what you “think” the job requires. Let your true personality shine through and you’ll send off the positive vibes you’ll need to ace your job interview. If you aren’t being true to yourself, the interviewer will sense your lack of originality right away.


Always, ALWAYS have two or three questions for them at the end of the interview, the questions can be around upcoming projects, career development, the company vision or what makes them such a great company to work for. Don’t ask useless and silly questions like how many hours, start and finish times or even about salary (especially in first stage interviews) unless they’ve specifically asked you. Always remember, you’re interviewing the company just as much as they’re interviewing you, ask questions which give you a greater understanding of whether the company is what you’re looking for. Always finish the interview by asking what the next step is and declare your keen interest and them and the opportunity. If you want it – show it!


Whilst there is no magic spell in securing a job, remember attitude is absolutely key – whilst you may not have all the necessary skills, with the right attitude you maybe well be given the chance – that chance could change your life.

Follow these steps, NAIL your next interview and secure the perfect job!

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