How to use WhatsApp UPI payment feature

How to use WhatsApp payment feature

As you all might be knowing instant messaging application WhatsApp has launched its P2P payments in beta version. While it is not available to everyone currently, the feature will make sending money via the instant messaging app as easy as sending or receiving an image or video.

The steps involved are fairly easy; a customer is required to register mobile number against a bank account, and once the process is complete, any of the UPI apps can be used on WhatsApp.

Important Points to follow: 

1) You need to be on the latest version of WhatsApp

2)  The person you are willing to make the transaction with also has to have the latest version of the application

3) If you are attempting to send money to another person for the first time, that individual’s payment feature also gets automatically activated on WhastApp

4) Your WhatsApp number and the number registered to your bank needs to be the same

5) WhatsApp takes care of UPI ID, making the process much simpler

6) Phone number to be verified, processes to follow automatically

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