Pope Francis All Set To Give Away The Lamborghini

Being the Pope has its benefits. You tend to travel all over the world and see exotic places. The popes have been known to receive many luxurious and expensive gifts. This time Pope Francis received a gift which tops them all. The Pope was gifted a special edition white Lamborghini Huracan that matches his robe and has an estimated value of around 212,409 US Dollar.

In the past, the Pope has either rejected or auctioned a lot of lavish gifts. Gifts such as Harley Davidson motorbike worth $ 130,000 and Harley Davidson jacket worth $ 327,000 were not accepted by the Pope. Instead, all those gifts were sold out at a higher price and the money was then used to help the deserving community.

Similarly, the white Lamborghini will be signed by Pope Francis and put for auction. It will be sold at a much higher price. The fact that all these gifts were given to the Pope means that they have been blessed by the Pope. This is the reason that these gifts are auctioned at a much higher price and the reason why people are willing to buy from Pope Francis’s auctions.

After the Lamborghini is auctioned, the money will be utilized in three different charities. A part of the money will be used to help the Christians who were thrown out of Iraq by building houses for them. The main focus will be on the North-East Area of Mosul and the Nineveh plains. These were the locations from where Christians fled after a long and tragic fighting. The second charity will be given to help women who are victims of prostitution and sex trafficking. Thirdly, this money will also be used in providing medical help to people in Africa.

The Lamborghini was gifted to the Pope by Stefani Domenicali. He is the CEO of German Volkswagen company. The pope has his own blue colored Ford Focus, which he prefers. Pope Francis proved his dedication to people when recently he went on a foreign trip and did not use any bulletproof car while addressing the people.

Pope Francis is known to reject anything negative in nature. A handsome donation was made by the President of Argentina, Mauricio. But the donation was rejected by the Pope just because the donation contained the figure 666 in it.

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