Solving One Of These 5 Problems Can Make You A Billionaire.

To be successful in your life, you need to work hard to earn it. Becoming a billionaire is not easy but it’s not impossible either. Finding a solution for a ubiquitous issue can lead to a successful business. It is about how hard you try and your ability to do it.

The World’s biggest problems can also be the biggest opportunities. These problems are the most complex ones, and even the smartest ones are having a hard time solving it.

The only difficulty is that these problems are intricate and challenging. Thousands of people are trying to work on it, but what can we say, it is where the opportunities lie. If these problems are solved, there is no doubt it will result in a payday as well as getting fame and respect from people.

1. Storage of Energy 

It is disturbing how a fair amount of money is spent trying to solve the energy storage problem. The solar and wind power generators are only useful when the sun is shining or the wind is blowing. The energy is either used or lost. As soon as the wind stops blowing or it becomes cloudy, there is no use of the generators.

Fossil fuels are used on a daily basis, and one day we might run out of it. It can be solved easily if the excess energy could be stored and become available during leaner times.

Wind and Solar power could become the greatest form of energy generation if someday storage technology is provided. The IRENA already confirmed in their 2014 report that it is equally, or in many cases, more cost-effective to use alternative energy for power production rather than fossil fuels.

2. Artificial Intelligence 

“Artificial Intelligence is the development of computer systems that are able to perform tasks normally requiring human intelligence, such as visual perception.”

Artificial intelligent has become relatively more common. Al is riskier than it seems, like everything else it has its benefits and risks.

We are aware of the fact that Al is probably more active and sharper than human beings.  This is the reason why we hesitate, what if there comes a time when Al cannot be controlled. That’s why to contain Artificial intelligence, Al safeguards or protocols are required.

The actual worry is that Al might be decades away, but it could take longer to make it safe. What if Al gets in the hands of wrong people? It could mean damage all over the world. To say, Al might not be the safest choice, but if someone finds a way it’ll be a lot easier.

3. Space Exploration and Capturing Resources 

The outer space has numerous types of rocks known as Asteroids. These Asteroids contain plenty of precious metals and natural resources that are useful and expensive.  The use of these resources is increasing.

The problem is that there are no measures taken to bring those to earth. If a way can be found, there is no doubt that the world’s condition would be a lot better. By processing or mining these asteroids, scarcity problems can be limited. A considerable amount of money can be earned by space exploration. Whoever succeeds in making a plan about this can become richer in a matter of time.

4. Scarcity of Water 

The demand for water is increasing as the world’s population increases. Water scarcity has become another issue; there is lack of access to clean water. More than 1.2 billion people lack access to clean drinking water.

The change in global climate is the main reason as it affects where the water flows. A lot of countries where rainfall is limited will suffer more. Lack of water has its consequences. Eventually, People will have to move to nearby freshwater resources. If large populations start migrating, it could cause a lot of hassle as it will be tremendously difficult to adjust a large number of people at one small place.

Answers have yet to be found, and quickly. There are no practical solutions to the problem. Looks like everyone is waiting for another new technology that might help in the global climate change and everything goes back to being normal.

5. Food Production 

It is occurring because not all the countries have best-farming facilities. The farmers face all sorts of problems such as climate change, deforestation, pollutants, and lack of machinery, soil degradation, and waste.

Using machinery can help to increase the food production. Fertilizers should be used more efficiently. As known, water scarcity is also the reason for the low production of food. Improving irrigational systems and planting crops that use less amount of water could help in food production, water wastage could also be decreased. So much technology is already available to increase local food supplies; we just need the right way to use it.

We have established the fact that no Einstein is needed to work out these issues. Just some hard work and passion is all you need to reach where you want to be.

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