Padma Shri awardee Karimul Haque from Bengal has saved more than 4k lives with his bike

bike ambulance

Karimul Haque lost his mother thirty years back because he could not afford an ambulance and no one helped him while taking her to the hospital. A few years down the lane, when his co-worker Azizul fell sick, Karimul was determined to make sure that history did not repeat itself. So, Karimul tied the man struggling for his life to his back and rode 50 km to the nearest hospital and saved his life. It was then that he decided his mission in life – to make sure that no one had to die due…

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The incredible story of Ravinder Thota, the phenol salesman who built a $33M IT company

the phenol salesman

Ravinder Thota hails from a small village in Telangana’s Warangal district. He lost his father at the age of three, and was raised by his mother who used to work on their small piece of agricultural land. He used to help his mother in the fields, while topping in school at every class. Until his ninth grade, he didn’t even have footwear to wear. Ravinder had realised early in life that the only way out of their poverty was the pursuit of education. He came to Hyderabad from his village…

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Rejected by DU, accepted by NASA, now on Forbes 30 Under 30: Tirthak Saha’s story

American Electric Power

Tirthak Saha, once a resident of Dwarka, Delhi, belongs to a humble family — his father is a school teacher and his mother works in the postal department. However, Tirthak, who works for American Electric Power (AEP), Indiana, which provides electricity to 5.4 million people in 11 states of the United States of America, has this year been included in the annual Forbes 30 under 30 list. Forbes 30 under 30 is a list of 600 successful people in business, with 30 each in 20 different industries. Tirthak secured his spot from among 15,000 nominations.…

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Just one degree more, to fuel your career progression

career progression

What ‘One degree more’ is Mac Anderson and Sam Parker wrote a book titled 212⁰ the extra degree in 2005. The message from the book is quite intuitive. At 211 degrees F, the water is hot; At 212 degrees, it boils. With boiling water, comes steam that can power a locomotive. One extra degree makes all the difference. The one extra degree of effort in business, as in life, separates the good from the great. When we heard Anil’s story, we could relate it to the extra degree that the book talks…

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The real story of Gauri Sawant, the trans ‘mommy’ from the Vicks video, is even more extraordinary

real story of Gauri Sawant

Society told her that she is not a woman; but she became a mother. They told her that she has no rights of her own, that she does not exist in the eyes of the law; yet, she took in an orphaned girl to protect her right to a happy childhood, so that another little girl doesn’t get trafficked and disappear into oblivion.   As an impeccable embodiment of the best of human nature, Gauri Sawant makes for a formidable woman. No, it’s not her crisp cotton sarees that bear the…

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