Apple to recruit employees from an Indian engineering college this year

New Delhi: Engineering students of this college have cause to be giddily happy this year – for the first time, tech giant Apple has decided to recruit from an Indian engineering college. Placements for Apple are likely to be for the Hyderabad or Bengaluru facilities of India’s International Institute of Information Technology. “We are elated that Apple has decided to come for our campus placements this year. We are not sure of the kind of profiles that the company will be offering. However, it will provide an opportunity to the…

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Forget IDs, you may soon use biometrics to enter airports

Kempegowda International Airport

Highlights Soon, a mobile phone is all one will need to board a domestic flight in India. The govt is linking databases of airlines and airports with Aadhaar and passport numbers. The linked database will allow access to the boarding gate closer to the flight departure time. NEW DELHI: The government has begun work on ensuring a completely paperless aircraft boarding process under which a mobile phone is all that will be required to board domestic flights in India. Also Read – Why Do We Have to Turn Off Our Phones…

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Ransomware disables copy and paste, huge impact for IT industry as productivity to come down by 99%

ransomware feature

Bengaluru: A new version of ransomware is causing great damage to the IT sector. The malicious software unlike its previous versions does not lock your computer to ask for a ransom amount. It simply disables functionalities like cut, copy and paste. “The impact is unprecedented and difficult to quantify so quickly to what extent it will impact the productivity of IT companies. My initial estimation says it has potential to reduce the productivity up to 99 percent”, said an IT analyst from Gartner. IT engineer Parag Sinha who was expecting he…

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75 रुपए में बाल काटने वाला नाई 3.2 करोड़ की मर्सिडीज मेबैक से बाल काटने आते हैं रमेश बाबू

Barber Ramesh Babu Bengaluru,

आप कभी रोल्‍स रॉयस कार में बैठे हैं। अगर नहीं बैठे हैं तो आप ने देखी तो जरूर होगी। वैसे क्‍या आप को पता है कि रोल्‍स रॉयस कार कितने की आती है। अगर नहीं तो हम आप को आज एक ऐसे इंसान के बारे में बताने जा रहे हैं जिनके पास 150 से ज्‍यादा स्‍पोटर्स और लग्‍जरी कारें है। वैसे ये जनाब पेशे से नाई हैं। अब आप हैरान रह गये होंगे कि एक नाई कैसे 150 कारें खरीद सकता है वो भी रोल्‍स रॉयस और मर्सिडिज जैसे बड़े…

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