How Facebook Decides an Employee’s Salary


• At Facebook, starting salaries for new hires and raises for employees are determined by a set formula.There’s not too much room for negotiation. • The reason, Janelle Gale, VP of HR at Facebook, told Business Insider, is because determining compensation based on employer-candidate negotiations simply rewards good negotiators. •At Facebook, you’re not necessarily getting hired for your good negotiation tactics. At Facebook, salary largely isn’t up for negotiation. “Compensation fairness  is a very, very important thing for us,” Facebook VP of HR Janelle Gale told Business Insider. “We spend a lot of time…

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6 Things hiring managers should IMMEDIATELY stop doing:

1. STOP grilling your candidate during an interview if they didn’t answer your question correctly, nobody’s perfect and no one can score 100/100 2. STOP bringing external candidates and ask them to prepare presentations so you can extract new ideas from them and then you just simply reject them, that is not ETHICAL 3. STOP inviting external candidates if you are going to recruit someone you know already, really nowadays nobody appreciates the time people invest when coming for an interview. 4. STOP looking to recruit a certain nationality, diversity…

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What not to say when an interviewer asks, ‘What’s your dream job?’


Even if the job you’re interviewing for isn’t your dream job, hiring managers are still interested in knowing how the position aligns with your career goals. In a recent episode of CNBC’s “The Job Interview,” in which candidates interview for real jobs while being filmed, two co-owners asked applicants about their dream job in an effort to see just how well they will fit into their company. Justin Herrick and Adam Lowenstein, co-owners of Watershed Hospitality, are looking for a catering and events sales manager. Their company manages a range…

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