Touching Stories About Love That Could Melt Even The Coldest of Hearts

Touching Stories

Sometimes it seems like people today have become so hardened that they’re no longer capable of expressing true feelings. But in reality, love is everywhere around us — all you need to do is look around! For example, you may see an elderly couple supporting each other on the bus in order not to fall down, or a loving woman meeting her upset husband after work. Touching stories like these and many others are featured in this heartwarming article. Taja khabrein has collected 9 of the most touching stories from…

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7 Things you can tell about others and yourself by knowing the Blood Group!

Although it is something that everyone should know, there are very few people who know their blood group . However, when people are aware of the importance of knowing their blood group in life they worry more about it. The blood groups can be A, B, AB and 0. All can vary according to their RH factor that can have positive or negative sign. We are born with a blood type and it does not change at any time of our life . But what you probably do not know…

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Shameful! A Man In Indore Gym Assaulted A Woman By Giving A Brutal Punch & Kick

The incident happened when the duo was working out at the gym. A couple of people are seen restraining the man from assaulting the woman and then later helping her. CCTV cameras captured a man assaulting a woman after she complained about his behaviour at a gym in Indore in Madhya Pradesh. The man is seen turning around and punching the woman and then kicking her following which the woman is seen falling to her knees. The incident, which took place on Thursday evening, happened when the duo was working…

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