Why You Should Quit Smoking RIGHT NOW!


Every smoker has once in their smoking life come across this conjuncture that they thought about quit smoking. Some smokers actually quit, some reduced but then got back on it, some quit and then got back on smoking even worse than before! This article is for all the smokers out there. This article will give you actually tested and approved methods on how to quit smoking and the timeline of benefits once you stop smoking, and it starts exactly 20 minutes after you put down your last cigarette! So read…

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5 Warning Signs of Depression

symptoms of depression

Depression is a term often thrown about when we’re feeling down – when things aren’t going according to plan. Using depression to describe a mood that is fleeting isn’t an accurate description of the disease that, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), affects over 350 million people globally. “Sadness is an emotion, whereas depression is an illness,” says psychiatrist Ken Robbins of the University of Wisconsin-Madison. So how do you know if you’re experiencing a bout of depression or are just feeling blue? There are two distinguishing factors between a normal…

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Why Depressed People Get Angry (And How to Handle Them)

How to Handle depression

Imagine terrible things happening dozens of times and you start to become enraged constantly and you lose your self-esteem, self-worth, and sanity. Rage consumes them, then they feel numb inside, unable to feel good or bad, until they suffer another painful experience or a reminder of the original one and out comes the that fiery fury once more. This type of cycle is what someone with depression goes through all the time and it makes them angry and frustrated with life. To know exactly what it is, the Cambridge dictionary definition of “depression” is: a mental…

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