Why a donation of $250 from my first employee moved me to tears


In December 2015, I was racing around trying not to slip on the high-gloss floor of a Mission District tech incubator that had al­lowed me to use its gleaming contemporary space to host my very first “un-gala.” For years my nonprofit, Samasource, had thrown big, fancy black-tie parties to entertain and impress wealthy philanthropists so they would support our mission to give living-wage work to the poorest people in the world via impact sourcing — company practice of inten­tionally hiring the destitute and marginalized. But we had finally de­cided there…

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5 Common reasons why people get fired and how to avoid them


Getting fired from an organisation is becoming a major hurdle in our career run, but it is just a small step for the company.  Apart from the various unavoidable things of getting laid-off, there are several other ways which can make you see the exit doors of an organisation. Here are 5 such reasons and how can you avoid them: 1) Stealing office equipment: Taking a stack of printer paper, or sticky notes, or sugar from the pantry won’t hurt the company’s inventory. Thinking this way is not at all correct. If…

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Audio Clip Of Tech Mahindra Employee Goes Viral! HR Tells Him “Quit Or You’re Fired”!

IT industry is witnessing a downward trend these days; companies are opting for “Mass Layoffs” in order to save costs and survive this crash. It is said that if this scenario continues, around 2 lakh people might lose their jobs. There’s stress all around as employees aren’t being able to cope up with these short-notice firings. Amidst this worst scenario, an audio clip of a Bengaluru based Tech Mahindra employee with his HR has gone viral. Well, the HR manager asks the employee to quit and put in the exit…

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Twitter employee deactivates Donald Trump’s account for 11 minutes

CLEVELAND, Ohio — For 11 minutes Thursday, Donald Trump was cut off from his favorite form of communication. Trump’s Twitter account was deactivated just before 7 p.m., apparently by an employee who was working a final day with the social media company. Through our investigation we have learned that this was done by a Twitter customer support employee who did this on the employee’s last day. We are conducting a full internal review. https://t.co/mlarOgiaRF — Twitter Government (@TwitterGov) November 3, 2017 Twitter initially said the account had been “inadvertently” deactivated…

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