This Boy Was Born With This Rare Condition, How His Life Changed Will Surprise You!


Life is not fair with everyone  #1 Thanks To Doctors  We are always grateful to the doctors whenever we visit for regular health checkups or be it some serious health issue, we never forget to thank the doctor endlessly.There are certain conditions where we are purely grateful to medical science, one such story is of this 13 year old boy #2 Mahendra’s story  This boy named Mahendra Ahirwar was born with a rare condition. His neck was so fragile and weak that he was unable to lift his head, resulting…

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Your personality is associated with the shape of your belly button. Surprised, right? Here’s how. Omphalomancy is the study of navel shapes and is used to predict one’s personality, based on the shape of your navel. While it may sound a bit silly, the fact is that the shape, color, protuberance etc. of the belly button reveals a lot about your health, your body and as a result of this, your personality. Here, we have  different belly buttons and we reveal what they say about you as a person. #1 ROUND A…

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Baby wrongly declared dead: Delhi government cancels license of Max Hospital, Shalimar Bagh

Max hospital licence cancel

NEW DELHI: The Delhi government cancelled the licence of Max Hospital, Shalimar Bagh, on Friday. The hospital cannot run its out-patient department or admit new patients with immediate effect, state health minister Satyendar Jain said while announcing the government action. “Patients already admitted can seek referral or continue treatment at Max Shalimar Bagh,” he added. The government’s action came hours after the submission of the final report of the inquiry committee constituted to look into allegations of medical negligence in the treatment of a premature newborn who was declared dead…

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Future of Artificial Intelligence


Artificial Intelligence is something I would call it as “a machine replacing a man”. The 21st generation is now seeing a tremendous change in the environment. Right from an automated toothbrush detecting the germ presence to a machine that can detect a person’s health needs and provide him timely advice as a part of diagnosis. In no time will we see that the robots will replace the man in every field. As estimated by Deloitte around 39% jobs would be replaced in legal services and around 6% jobs are supposed…

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8 Sleeping Positions And Their Effects On Health.

sleeping positions

Have you ever considered the importance of your sleeping posture? You may or may not have a preference, but your sleeping position can directly affect your health. While the best sleeping posture is generally considered to be sleeping on your back with your arms by your sides, here are eight common sleeping positions and their effects to help you discover how the way you sleep affects your well-being. Learn what these 8 sleeping positions mean: 1. On Your Back, With The Arms Up This position is often called “starfish position”,…

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