Indian Passenger Arrested After He Put Hands In The Pants Of Sleeping Woman In Flight

The cases of sexual molestation on flights are increasing day by day and the recent case which took place in Spirit Airlines flight that was flying from Las Vegas to Detroit is not just shameful but horrendous too. On Wednesday, an Indian passenger Prabhu Ramamoorthy got arrested after the plane landed at Detroit Metropolitan Airport on the charges of sexually abusing a 22 years old woman by putting hands in her pants and opening the buttons of her shirt while she was sleeping against the window. As per the reports…

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The real story of Gauri Sawant, the trans ‘mommy’ from the Vicks video, is even more extraordinary

real story of Gauri Sawant

Society told her that she is not a woman; but she became a mother. They told her that she has no rights of her own, that she does not exist in the eyes of the law; yet, she took in an orphaned girl to protect her right to a happy childhood, so that another little girl doesn’t get trafficked and disappear into oblivion.   As an impeccable embodiment of the best of human nature, Gauri Sawant makes for a formidable woman. No, it’s not her crisp cotton sarees that bear the…

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This IIM Calcutta alumna runs a school in her village and has educated over 1,000 children for free

pooja mishra founder of Gurukul Public School

“It is much easier to concentrate on cities, which are touted as the growth engines of tomorrow’s India,” opines Pooja Mishra, a 36-year-old Indian Institute of Management Calcutta alumna and the founder of Gurukul Public School, a charitable English-medium school providing free education to rural underprivileged children. She continues, “So what does it lead to? It leads to the government’s primary and secondary schools serving more as day care centers providing low-quality meals during the day.  And they only have one or two caretakers to look after the children who…

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