iPhone X vs Galaxy Note 8: A battle for smartphone dominance

iPhone X vs Samsung Galaxy Note 8

iPhone X vs Galaxy Note 8  The stakes are as high as they can get in this mighty match-up. There have been some great rivalries in sport – Prost vs Senna, Federer vs Nadal and in the world of Cricket, India vs Pakistan. In the smartphone game, the ongoing rivalry between Apple and Samsung is as competitive and ruthless as any of those listed above. Both the Galaxy Note 8 and iPhone X represent the best of what Samsung and Apple have to offer in the smartphone arena. The Galaxy…

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Apple iPhone X first impressions: Five reasons to take this phone seriously

iPhone X specifications

Apple iPhone X was clearly the star of the show at the Apple event on Tuesday. Even for those present, this $999-plus smartphone (Rs 89,000 in India) clearly held more appeal than the all-glass iPhone 8 series. But what sets this phone apart from the rest of the crowd? Here are five features that should make you take this phone seriously. Edge-to-edge display: This is what sets the phone apart, especially among the phones to have come out of the Apple stables. The stunning screen blends into the camera panel on top and speaker grille…

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