Ten Questions Recruiters Shouldn’t Ask — And You Shouldn’t Answer

Ten Questions Recruiters Shouldn't Ask -- And You Shouldn't Answer

Here are some of the most offensive questions job seekers are asked, and sample answers for each one: Recruiter: How old are you? You: I’m old enough to have the professional background that made you reach out to me. Let’s talk about the job description. What can I tell you about my qualifications? Recruiter: Do you have kids? You: Are you inquiring about my ability to work downtown, or what exactly? I can’t tell what you’re after. Recruiter: Er, um… Recruiter: What’s your greatest weakness? You: I used to worry about my weaknesses until it dawned on me…

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DU Law Student Created Fake Govt. Website. Cheated 4,000 Job Seekers Of Rs 20 Lakhs In 2 Days

Fake Govt. Website

Scams are everywhere; we have heard of how people dupe online e-commerce companies by ordering phones and then, returning empty boxes and getting back the money. We have also see how people post fake ads on OLX and try to shell out money. However, today’s case is a bit different as the attempt has been made by an intelligent law student from Delhi University. Technology is so advanced, that nowadays, it has become easier to fake things, prepare clone websites and do everything possible so as to earn easy money.…

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