Five Steps a B-school Can Take to Prepare Freshers for Today’s Tough Job Market

With thousands of B-school mushrooming across India the biggest challenge both the students and the school face is “Jobs”. Assocham study mentions that only 20% of the graduates passing out land up with a job, what is aggravating the problem further is the average package going down. The biggest culprit being demand and supply, the other issue could be how relevant the corporate feel is what the students are learning to make them job ready. B-Schools should ensure that they are more of a finishing school so that corporates feel…

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The Most Precious Thing in the World


The most precious thing we have in life is TIME. We never have enough of it and it’s always running out. I personally squandered a lot of time in my twenties and thirties doing all sorts of random things. I was just busy being busy. It wasn’t until I turned 40 that I realized a couple of big things about TIME. Here’s a simple idea that made my life simpler and created time: Find the key 20% in anything I do that is key. Focus and execute well on that key…

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Life Changing Tips By Ratan Tata To Achieve A Successful Life


Success has a different meaning for everyone. Some people equate success with having more money while for others happiness and fulfillment with one’s life choices is what they think makes them successful. Our brain is wired to follow paths that require less resistance but the truth is there are no shortcuts. Success isn’t just a goal or a destination you need to achieve, but a mindset that keeps on developing and progressing as you work your way through. Over the time, people have developed a misconstrued definition of success but…

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