10 Companies That Have Superb Working Rules For Employees! Lucky Are The Ones Working Here!

It is no surprise that we all hate our corporate jobs at some point or the other, while sometimes your boss threatens to fire you when traffic got you late, at other times, you have to sit in the office till 7 even when you have no work. Not to forget the fuel bills you have to pay to reach that absurdly far-off industrial location your office is located at. What if I told you there are several companies in India, not just with amazing employee benefits and work hours,…

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Infosys ‘releases’ 9,000 employees due to automation

Infosys `releases’ 9,000 employees with automation in 2016

Infosys has “releases” around 8,000-9,000 workers in the previous one year in light of computerization of lower-end employments, the organization’s HR head Krishnamurthy Shankar said. He said these representatives are currently chipping away at more propelled undertakings. “We have been discharging around 2,000 individuals each quarter and furthermore preparing them in extraordinary courses that will help them in their new assignments,” Shankar said on the sidelines of an occasion sorted out by the Bengaluru part of Global Shapers, a body upheld by the World Economic Forum. Shankar, who joined from…

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