The ‘alphabets’ in your name affect your life

1 . Letters in your name reveal about your life Don’t you often wonder as to why there’s so much effort put in to decide one’s name? After all, it’s just a name, like a tag. Some people believe that it brings positive influence into their life, while others think of it as a unique identity (but isn’t that thing taken care of by our face?) 2.Name- meaning and definition It means being ‘specific’. In normal sense, a ‘name’ is a set of words or letters, which serves as a…

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Bill Gates Made These 15 Predictions In 1999 And It’s Scary How Accurate He Was


In 1999, Bill Gates wrote a book titled “Business @ the Speed of Thought.” In the book, Gates makes 15 bold predictions that at the time might have sounded outrageous. But as business student Markus Kirjonen pointed out on his blog, Gates’ forecasts turned out to be “eerily prescient.” Here are the 15 predictions he made nearly 20 years ago — and how close they’ve come to being true: NO. 1: PRICE COMPARISON SITES Gates’ prediction: “Automated price comparison services will be developed, allowing people to see prices across multiple websites, making…

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