8 Brain-Itching Riddles That Only a Genius Can Solve

When intelligent people get tired or bored, they seek interesting puzzles to solve. Sometimes they turn out to be much more difficult than it seems. Bright Side invites you to test yourself and try to answer these tricky questions. Scroll down to check your answers, and let’s get started! 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 The answers The person was born in 2005 B.C. Hence we count backward. The clock is 360°, and every hour a clock hand turns through 30°. At 3:15, the minute hand will be exactly at three hours. But the hour…

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How to inspire your team to ask the right questions?


Life is full of questions. Questions, for some of which we are able to find answers, and for some we are simply unable to. You want to know when is the next flight to Paris. But you are asking at airport’s help desk about all the flights going to France. In such a case, you cannot expect to get the correct answer. Can you? Maybe this is the reason in life sometimes we are unable to find answers as we are asking the wrong questions. ”Simplify the way you manage…

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