10 Jobs That Are a Bad Influence on Our Personality and How We Can Avoid Them

Bad Influence

According to sociological research, a person spends more than a third of their life working 40 hours a week. Of course, things that we do for such long periods influence us and our psychological features over time. Besides the positive aspects of our job, there’s also a negative side: a so-called professional personality deformation like when a businessman keeps checking his email on vacation or when a military serviceman continues commanding at home. TAJA KHABREIN describes how different jobs change our personality and gathers advice on how we can learn to switch from one activity to another, so we don’t become a prisoner of our work. Military servicemen A military serviceman’s job affects them as a person and even affects…

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How do hospital bills get so high? The story behind one man’s $109,000 bill after a heart attack

bill of the month

A Texas hospital that charged a teacher $108,951 for care after a 2017 heart attack told the patient Thursday it would slash the bill to $332.29 — but not before a story about the huge charge sparked a national conversation over what should be done to combat surprise medical bills that afflict a growing number of Americans. The story of Drew Calver was first reported by NPR and Kaiser Health News on Monday as part of the “Bill of the Month” series, which examines U.S. health care prices and the…

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Sikar gangrape: Class 12 Girl Raped By School Director, Teacher; Forced To Abort Pregnancy, Now Battling For Life

Sikar gangrape

Rajasthan: In a shocking & shameful incident, taking the student-teacher relationship to a new low, An 18-year-old student was allegedly gang raped repeatedly and forced her to undergo an abortion in Rajasthan’s Sikar district. The girl is in a critical condition following excessive bleeding and has been referred to a hospital in Jaipur. The blood-curdling episode took place at the Janta Bal Niketan School in Ajeetgarh police station area of Sikar district. According to the reports, the director of the school, Jagdish, and a teacher, Jagat Singh, were allegedly raping a…

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Meet The Most Educated And Talented Man On The Planet! Meet Johnny Sins

johhny sins

To survive and thrive in today’s world, you must be well educated and much more skilled than your competition. Just being able to read and write is not enough, you must be able to put your education to practical use which can earn you a good job. You must be able to use your ability to reason, to convert problems into opportunities which can benefit you. Meet Johnny Sins, the man that women love and what men want to be like. Johnny Sins is one such talented guy who with…

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