Elon Musk is a total fraud

ONE disastrous tweet has finally revealed Elon Musk for what he is: a fraud. Enraged that a British cave diver called his idea to rescue the Thai soccer team for what it was — “a p.r. stunt [with] absolutely no chance of working” — Musk took to Twitter and called him a “pedo.” Just like that, Tesla’s market value plummeted by $2 billion. Musk has been in business since 2002. His stated goal is nothing short of transforming humanity through his products: his electric cars, space travel, and an underground high-speed Hyperloop system.…

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The world’s most successful companies that hardly make any profit

The world's most successful companies

HUGE COMPANIES WITH TINY PROFITS Twitter, Snapchat and Uber are prime examples of companies that developed new technologies or innovative business models and quickly become household names. And though it might seem like everyone and their grandma is using these businesses, many are not actually making any real money yet, as we’ll show you. TWITTER When Twitter announced it was going public in 2013, it was the most hotly-anticipated IPO since Facebook, and many predicted a similar jump in its stock price. The company was valued at $14.4 billion (£10.9bn),…

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