A Flag Can Tell You Quiet A Bit About The Country


Hey buddies, here are some images of some flags which can tell you about the country. These signs are very important and useful for us, which gives us a lot of information and knowledge about the other countries. We should be in such a way that we should have a special interest to learn about new things, new countries and new facts in our life, not only living a normal life friends. Life should be interesting. Please go through my posts now. This is the flag of United States Of…

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Apocalypse of James: Lost original Greek text of banned Bible book found at Oxford University

THE secret advice and prophecies Jesus gave his brother, James. It’s bound to be explosive stuff. But the two books of the Apocalypse of James were rejected when the Emperor Constantine instructed his bishops to standardise the ascendant Christian religion. We don’t know how these nobles and church leaders whittled down the mass of Christian writings in circulation at the time to the books which now form the New Testament. But chief among them was likely to be one key concern: Was it the real deal? Three hundred and thirty…

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