A Flag Can Tell You Quiet A Bit About The Country


Hey buddies, here are some images of some flags which can tell you about the country. These signs are very important and useful for us, which gives us a lot of information and knowledge about the other countries. We should be in such a way that we should have a special interest to learn about new things, new countries and new facts in our life, not only living a normal life friends. Life should be interesting. Please go through my posts now. This is the flag of United States Of…

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India to spend Rs.1,000 cr to outdo China and USA in space science


India is playing smart in the space mission project that even other major countries like China and the US couldn’t make their projects economical as compared to India. The Indian government on Tuesday had announced that it is expected to spend less than Rs. 100 billion (i.e. $1.43 billion) on its first-ever manned space mission project which is to be launched by 2022. It added that the project is likely to be cheaper compared to the same projects by the United States and China. India is carving out a reputation for itself…

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Rejected by DU, accepted by NASA, now on Forbes 30 Under 30: Tirthak Saha’s story

American Electric Power

Tirthak Saha, once a resident of Dwarka, Delhi, belongs to a humble family — his father is a school teacher and his mother works in the postal department. However, Tirthak, who works for American Electric Power (AEP), Indiana, which provides electricity to 5.4 million people in 11 states of the United States of America, has this year been included in the annual Forbes 30 under 30 list. Forbes 30 under 30 is a list of 600 successful people in business, with 30 each in 20 different industries. Tirthak secured his spot from among 15,000 nominations.…

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Donald Trump bans citizens of seven muslim majority countries as visa-holding travellers are turned away from US borders

US President Donald Trump has marked an official request inconclusively forbidding confirmation of individuals escaping Syria, incidentally solidifying the passage of different outcasts and denying section by individuals from seven Muslim-greater part countries for 90 days. mp said the measure would keep psychological oppressors from being conceded into the nation. Democrats marked the request a “Muslim boycott” and censured it as harsh. Truant from the request was an arrangement from a draft of the report, got by Bloomberg, that would require the Defense Department to make an arrangement to make…

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